Portrait Commission Process
Steps listed below will be followed during the portrait commission process:
  • Initial discussions will decide the theme and size of the painting
  • A photo session will be held which may last about an hour or two
  • Once the photos are ready, a review session will be held to select a photo for the portrait
  • One or more draft sketches will be prepared for approval
  • Painting will be completed and delivered.
Please contact the artist if you are interested in commissioning a portrait.

Fees depends on the number of people in the portrait, size of the painting and complexity of the background.

Payments are due per the following schedule:

  • 40% of the fees is due upon signing of the commission
  • Another 10% of the fee is due upon approval of the draft sketches
  • Final 50% of the fee is due upon sucessful delivery of the final painting
  • Travel, accommodation, framing and shipping expenses are additional.
NOTE: All payments made are final and are non-refundable.

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